CCPA Protection

CCPA Protection is our idea of showing you how confident we are that our certified sites are compliant with CCPA regulations and the CCPA law.  

Upon satisfactory completion of the CCPA Assessment and the upgraded CCPA Certified Site membership level we guarentee your site complies with CCPA.  If you are required to defend your site’s compliance we will provide that legal counsel for free.  If your site is penalized for not meeting CCPA Requirements due to the website’s handling of CCPA requirements Ultimate SEO LLC will pay those penalties.

Limitations to our protection include altering the privacy settings of the site after certification.  Protection is offered for the duration of your Certified Site membership which is 12 months.  Yearly reassessments and membership renewal must be completed to continue CCPA Protection.

CCPA Protection does not extend beyond the use of the website.  If your organization for instance , fails to process submitted requests for deletion, the site was not the issue of noncompliance and the organization would not be covered by our CCPA Protection.

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