The regulation applies to for-profit organisations both inside and outside of California. In terms of sanctions, organisations can be fined up to $7,500 for … Google Alerts

The maximum fine for violations lacking intent is $2,500 for each incident. CCPA allows for consumers to file lawsuits to collect between $100 and $750 … Google Alerts

This fine print is known as a privacy policy. … The CCPA also allows consumers to select an “authorized agent” to exercise these rights on their behalf. Google Alerts

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) implementation begins in July 2020 and … need to have in place top avoid the risk of receiving a heavy fine. Google Alerts

Change the civil penalty for CCPA violations to an administrative fine that would no longer be required to be assessed and recovered in a civil action. Google Alerts

The bill would impose civil and criminal penalties for a violation of those provisions, such as a fine not to exceed $10,000, imprisonment in a county jail … Google Alerts

This all means that CCPA could certainly apply to your business even if you are fully based in Europe. And with the fines for non-compliance and … Google Alerts

prevent a business from incurring duplicative fines for both an administrative fine and a civil penalty for the same violation. The amendments to the … Google Alerts

The penalties prescribed by CCPA for failing to appropriately protect data are steep, with a fine of up to $2,500 levied for each violation—which is … Google Alerts

The CCPA has arrived with little of the fanfare that greeted the EU's General Data Protection … The fine for unintentional violations will be $2,500. Google Alerts

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