The time is now. CCPA is in effect.


Jan 1 2020 CCPA became enforceable.  If you are not ready, we can help.


If you were hoping to take your time and research the CCPA law or review CCPA Regulations and how it could affect you, that was 2019.  Are the changes substantial?  Yes, and so are the penalties.  





CCPA and GDPR are both now required of many sites world wide.  

Rather than hoping your IT team or your own IT/Legal skills have protected you, hire experts who can help.  We'll save you from penalties which could bankruptcy a small business.  Get our review, the deadline has already passed.

We guarantee that with your site’s passed assessment you’ll be eligible for our CCPA Certified Site membership. We’ll defend your site and pay any fees over the next 12 months during your membership.*

$ 100
CCPA Penalty Per Incident Per User
ccpa gdpr certified site

There are some big names in compliance offering some big solutions.  Many if not all are out of reach of small business and lack transparent pricing.  We offer multiple options designed to work for small businesses like our own.  

The first option is mosty as an advisor to your site.  We call it the Associate Site level.  We’ll review your site and tell you were youre lacking in compliance, recommend to you how to fix it.

Our next membership level involves our certification that your site is compliant.  The Applicant Site is a transitional period where we work with you to make the site CCPA compliant.  After you’ve passed our assessment your site will be eligible to join our Certified Site membership level.

Certified Sites enjoy the benefit of periodic checkups and our CCPA Protection guarantee.  Any CCPA Certified Site is fully covered by our promise to defend it and if need be pay any penalties for noncompliance.  There are some limitations to this but they are fair and straight forward.  Learn more by checking out our CCPA Protection information.

Associate Site

You're confident in handling your site yourself but want a second set of eyes.

CCPA Associate Site membership level is very similarly to the Applicant Site and has access to all the same resources. The main difference is that Associate Sites are not seeking our certification program.

As noncertified sites you are not covered by our CCPA Protection program.

Applicant Site

We're working on it together.

CCPA Applicant Site membership level is the beginning of certification for any site. This level gives you access to everything but our guarentee that the site meets CCPA compliance guidelines.

That comes once we have certified your site's compliance.

Certified Site

After your site has passed our Compliance Assessment and our legal advisor reviews your site you can become a CCPA Certified Site.

Simply complete the membership upgrade and we will defend your site and pay any CCPA penalties.*

Why Are We Different?

There are a lot of security specialist out there these days.  What makes them qualified to address your site’s data privacy and data security needs?


We pair up a team to review your site’s compliance needs, current state and make recommendations on addressing noncompliance issues. We bring an Information Security Expert who holds numerous technical certifications with an actual lawyer. An attorney reviewed CCPA assessment.

And we offer our CCPA Protection guarantee for 12 months.


CCPA Certification

We offer the best CCPA compliance services online.  We feel so confident in that, that we will pay any penalties incurred by a site we certify to be compliant.

We offer a comprehensive review of your site, scanning all of it’s cookies and how you handle data privacy.

Learn more about our CCPA Compliance Assessment

We compare that to the CCPA requirements and through a checklist of recommendations provide you with a clear path to CCPA Compliance.

Learn more about our CCPA Recommendations

Each site is finally reviewed by our in-house General Counsel.  This legal review sets us apart from most Data Privacy Specialist.

Learn more about our CCPA Legal Review

We guarantee our certification that your site is compliant.  It’s backed up by the commitment to represent you in any penalty investigation.

If your site is fined, we will pay that fine. 

Learn more about our CCPA Protection

Understand The Risks

Prepared For CCPA Penalties?

CCPA calls for penalties up too $7500 per user per incident.  That quickly adds up!

If your site is not compliant and you have 50,000 users in an email database you could face a $375,000,000 CCPA Penalty !

In 2019 ICO made $475,000,000 GDPR Penalty Fines.

Understand The Risks

How Much Time Is Left To Prepare For CCPA?

ZERO.  You already passed that preparation time given before CCPA began.  January 1 2020 CCPA went into effect, your site must meet requirements.

ccpa gdpr certified site

Become a CCPA Certified Site!

If you're ready to make a smart decision we're glad you're on our site.  Become a member of our certified sites.

Step One

CCPA Applicant Site

This is the first level of site membership that every site starts out at, you are not certified yet but we're working on it together.

Step Two

CCPA Certified Site

Upon successful completion of our CCPA Assessment your site is ready to join the next membership level. CCPA Certified Site.

Need CCPA Guidance?

Not sure if we can help get you CCPA Compliant?  Not sure if you have to comply?  Ask away...

Matthew Leffler, Top Rated SEO, MBA, MEd, Security+,  Network+, Project+, A+ and more

Christopher Coffman, Esq. University of Louisville Juris Doctorate 

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